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Of the 991 people injured during the 1st October referendum who received treatment at either health centres or hospitals, 23 were older than 79 and two were younger than 11. This is one of the details from the report on the medical help given to those injured during the police attacks on the day of the referendum. The report concludes that, in total, 1066 people required medical attention: 991 on the Sunday itself, with 75 others visiting the doctor that week, up to the 4th. The majority, 82.5% of those seen on the day of the referendum suffered contusions or multiple bruising, with 83% of the cases being categorised as light. In the following days, 93.3% of those attended to had suffered bruising.

In terms of ages, the band from 41 to 65 years old included almost half of those injured during the referendum, with a further 40% younger than that, but still older than 18. Of those remaining, 10% were older than 65, whilst only 2% were under 18.

5 of those injured during the referendum were classified as serious. Among those are the patient who suffered a heart attack and was discharged this week, and the young man whose eye was injured by a hit from a rubber bullet. The other three in the category were cases of trauma. One of those was attended to at Hospital Plató in Barcelona, who presented with intercranial and abdominal trauma with a hypertensive crisis, another with intercranial trauma and loss of consciousness was treated at Hospital Santa Caterina in Girona and the third had trauma to his shoulder and right trapezius muscle, who went to in Sant Pau Hospital 

Among those treated on 1st October, there were also 64 cases of fainting, 36 of hypotension and 28 panic attacks.

Of the 75 who received treatment between the 2nd and 4th October, there were also two serious cases. One, a broken femur treated at Sant Pau, and a case of multiple bruising and injuries treated at the health centre in Sant Carles de la Ràpita. 

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