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Spain's Civil Guard has included Carles Puigdemont's election campaign chief and current Parliament deputy, Elsa Artadi, in a list of people of "interest for the investigation", according to one of the latest reports the gendarmerie has delivered to Barcelona's court of instruction number 13.

The email inbox of the secretary of the Tax Office of the Catalan government, Lluís Salvadó, hasn't just helped to work out how developed the Tax Office of the future Catalan republic was, but has also revealed the names of numerous people related with his work. Following the analysis of Salvadó's emails, the Civil Guard has put together a list of 32 people who they consider as being of "interest" to the investigation. They include both senders and recipients of emails.

One of those on the list is Elsa Artadi. Before the application of article 155 of the Constitution, Artadi was director of Interdepartmental Coordination for the Catalan government and her name had been mentioned by various media outlets as a potential successor to president Puigdemont.

Mariano Rajoy's government kept her in her role when applying article 155 and taking control of Catalonia, a decision criticised by Ciutadans. The secretary of state for Territorial Administration, Roberto Bermúdez de Castro, on the other hand, gave her as an example of one of the higher-ranking officials who opted to remain in post, accept the Spanish government intervention and collaborate in its application. In fact, he said that her work coordinating between the different departments was fundamental in the process.

Artadi was the person sent by Puigdemont who those close to vice-president Oriol Junqueras wanted to avoid from letting reveal that they didn't have the necessary structures of state ready for independence, it was deduced from telephone taps of Salvadó's mobile authorised by the judge. Artadi is also the person who responded to the judge's question of how much money the Presidency department of the Catalan government spent on the referendum, confirming that none was.

Now, the Civil Guard has included her on this list of 32 people who held a variety of roles in government or linked to pro-independence political parties.

The list is headed by some of those already charged in different cases relating to the independence referendum like Salvadó, Junqueras, Carles Viver and Josep María Jové. It also includes Marta Rovira, who has been summonsed to appear before the Supreme Court on 19th February, Víctor Cullell, secretary for development of self-government, Josep María Reniu, director of the office for the Improvement of the Institutions of Self-governance and Pere Aragonès, secretary of Economy.

Other mentioned are David Camps Vila, head of the Cabinet of Institutional Relations of the Vice-presidency, Anna Tarrach Colls, director general of Budgets, Natàlia Mas Guix, director general of Economic Analysis, Francesc Xavier Urios, director& general of Contentious Affairs, Marta Subirà, secretary of Environment and Marta Espanya, director general of Taxes and Betting.

Similarly listed are Angel Vicente Sánchez, development coordinator of the Tax Administration of Catalonia, Ramón Ruiz Nogueras, director general of Social Protection at the ministry of Work and Social Affairs and Jordi Boixareu Cortina, director of the program for the Application and Development of Tax in Catalonia.

Also cited are Eudald Vigo Tarres who was in charge of Strategy and External Relations for the Catalan government, Daniel Hernández Jiménez, director of Strategy and Innovation in the area of the Tax Office at the Telecommunications & Information Technology Centre (CTTI), Núria Casas, the secretary of Governance at the CTTI, Josep Huguet, former ERC minister, Sergio Martínez, the local adviser to ERC's MEPs and Daniel Gimeno Alcañíz, head of the Technical Cabinet of the Department of the Vice-presidency.

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