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Catalan president Quim Torra commented for the first time today on the chaotic scenes that were seen yesterday evening in Barcelona and elsewhere in Catalonia. He said that "violence doesn't represent us, nor will it ever represent the Catalan independence movement."

The president was speaking to the media in Girona as he took part in one of the Marches for Liberty that began today from five different cities, heading towards Barcelona. In an earlier press conference, he had avoided mentioning the topic and avoided question about it. In a second conference, he made the above remark, but still avoided any direct reference to the issue.

Earlier, on the subject of the Marches, he said "it's fantastic to see the people on the march. It's truly moving to share these moments with the people. Nobody should have any doubts that this president and his government are at the side of the people, of this peaceful and civil demonstration."

Before heading to Girona, he had held an emergency cabinet meeting in Barcelona with interior minister Miquel Buch, vice-president Pere Aragonès and presidency minister and government spokesperson Meritxell Budó to discuss the issue of public order over the previous 48 hours.

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