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The vice-president of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has described the trial of pro-independence leaders in Spain's Supreme Court as a "political trial". He had been summonsed as a witness yesterday at the request of far-right party Vox, which has brought a private prosecution in the case, a situation he described as "absurd".

Aragonès spoke to the media after leaving court, where he had called on his right to not testify as he had been under investigation in an open, related case.

Political trial

For the vice-president, the fact that the independence movement is facing a trial in the Supreme Court at the time it's under investigation by different courts in Catalonia shows it's a political trial. In his opinion, they are charging "a political stance: the defence of Catalonia's independence as the best path to defence, to administer our country".

Aragonès added that the situation means those under investigation are suffering from "defencelessness" not knowing, as in his case, "whether they will be charged or not". "This situation bordering on the absurd which I've found myself in at the Supreme Court", he said, "shows it's a political trial" which "can only end with the acquittal of all those on trial".


He also denounced the "anomaly" of having a political party like Vox bring a private prosecution in such a trial. They had called for him to testify as a witness, with the vice-president worried they could have used his statements under oath against him somewhere else.

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