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It's one of the largest, most-anticipated events in Barcelona every year: the 2019 Mobile World Congress ended yesterday having welcomed a record 109,000 visitors, 2,000 more than last year. Under the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity", this year's edition offered a four-day-long glimpse of the future from 5G to robotics.

At El Nacional, we also used the opportunity to speak to people from around the world to find out their opinions on the conflict between Catalonia and Spain, the trial, and Spain's king. Our interviewees come from countries as diverse as Finland and Turkey, Australia and China.

1. What do you think of the Catalan independence movement?

2. What do you think of the fact that half the Catalan government is in prison and the other half had to go into exile?

3. Do you think the king of Spain is doing anything to solve the conflict?