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Wednesday, 13th February 2019

The routine from yesterday repeats. The new thing is that today the National Police Corps haven't handcuffed us to take up from the National Audience court [where we go first from prison] to the Supreme Court.

At Soto del Real prison, before leaving, they give us a bag containing our breakfast, a bottle of water and a piece of fruit. Today we didn't have to open the bags to see what the sandwiches were: the smell of chorizo impregnates everything.

We arrived at the Supreme Court before half eight; that means we've got more than an hour and a half until we start. We all take the opportunity to go over our papers. It could be that after the speeches from the public prosecutors, the state's legal service and the private prosecution our testimony starts.

We'd all like to. We want to finish as soon as possible and, if possible, have a calm weekend. Once we've testified, the tension, the nerves will decrease.

What's more, the dinner is cold

Today we're aware of what this routine will be for so many months. Yesterday, I didn't get into my cell until 9 in the evening. We all arrived there tired and with little interest in sitting down to work. When we get there, our blockmates are already in their cells and have already had dinner. They leave the day's dinner for us on a tray. We're so tired that we hardly eat; what's more, the dinner is cold.

At 10 in the morning we go up to the court punctually. If anyone wasn't sure that we're facing a political trial, listening to the speeches from the prosecutors would dispel all doubts. They're clear: "This is the trial of the triumph of democracy, it's the triumph of the rule of law".

The head judge was intelligent and quick in not accepting Vox's request to ban yellow loops1 in the court. Jordi Sànchez is wearing one on his lapel. Today's session ends and it will start again tomorrow at 10am. Tomorrow, in all certainty, our testimonies will start.

Before eating they allowed us to greet our relatives. We were together a short while. One of the best moments of the day.

Joaquim Forn Chiariello

Supreme Court, Madrid


Translator's note: Yellow loops have become a symbol of support for the imprisoned defendants in the trial.