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In the same week as the Spanish Supreme Court unofficially announced - a Whatsapp to journalists is not exactly an official document - that 17th September would be the most likely date for the hearing to remove Catalan president Quim Torra from office for leaving a banner on the balcony of the Generalitat palace, the CIA declassified a series of documents confirming that Felipe González, as Spanish prime minister, gave his approval in 1983 to create the GAL squads and carry out assassinations. To state the real name of the famous 'Mister X' of the GAL was not a great novelty in journalistic, political, or business terms, but it was judicially significant since the courts never wanted to set out on the path of accusing a prime minister of being part of a state terrorism conspiracy.

"González has agreed to the formation of a group of mercenaries, controlled by the army, to combat terrorists outside the law." With this direct sentence, the CIA's reports make clear the former PM's participation. There was state terrorism at the highest level and the Spanish courts of justice sat by, while judges and prosecutors were substituted to minimize the worst impact of the GAL actions.

Four questions: will the PSOE consider expelling Felipe González from the party? Will the Spanish public prosecutors open a new part of the case this Monday to investigate the veracity of the news and, if necessary, call the former prime minister to testify? Will it have institutional consequences and will the honours and sinecures he holds as former PM be removed? Will the establishment press and the television networks continue to hide the news about González's in the same way as they have done with the corruption of Juan Carlos I and the Spanish monarchy? Because everything suggests to me that the answers to these are already known: 'no' to the first three and 'yes' to the fourth.

The blind eye turned to González in the GAL affair was the ultimate exaltation of a state which, rather than seeking justice, dedicated itself to protecting state crimes. Of course, justice is the same for everyone, they proclaimed from the top levels of the state while they received commissions, as we later learned thanks to Corinna. The deep state to the rescue of some and to the condemnation of others, while giving great accolades to Spanish democracy. For this reason, Torra will be expelled from the presidency of Catalonia and González will continue unperturbed giving lessons about ethics and morality. And also politics.