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Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: the set of four towers on Barcelona's Sagrada Família temple which are dedicated to the four Christian evangelists was completed this Thursday, with the figure which identifies the evangelist John, the eagle, being lifted into place. With this coronation, an important milestone is reached in the construction of the modernista architectural wonder, whose first stones were laid 141 years ago, since, with these four towers now complete, the interest will now focus to that of Jesus, which will be the tallest of the temple designed by Antoni Gaudí. In fact, the towers of the evangelists are symbolically intended to form a halo around the tower of Jesus, and will also serve to illuminate the crowning tower once it is completed, in 2026.

The culmination of the tower of the evangelist John comes the day after the one corresponding to the evangelist Matthew was finished with the placement of the sculptural piece of the human figure that identifies him. However, for the moment the towers are clad in scaffolding, so the huge pieces which top them off will not be clearly visible from the street until the construction frameworks are removed, a process that will be carried out in the coming weeks with the aim of making the towers ready for the 'act of blessing' and switching on of the lights, that will take place on Sunday, November 12th.