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Àlex Arenas, lecturer of the Computational Sciences and Mathematics Department at Rovira and Virgili University, assured at an interview on cadena SER that "the curve will peak in midsummer" if the current ability of workers to travel to their jobs is restricted. In case of unrestricted mobility, the peak would be around 15th April, and of "a brutal magnitude, 20 times above our hospital capacity", according to the expert.

"By implementing the current measures, we are pushing the peak further away in time" he explained, emphasizing the importance of "buying time in order to win the battle from a medical standpoint". "If we don't, the lockdown will be much longer," he predicted.

Arenas's predictions are based on a mathematical model created to predict the transmission of coronavirus among the population, besides trying to explain the probabilities of the virus spreading and its epidemiological data

"Current restrictions lead us to the same scenario we would reach without them, but a few days later," explained the lecturer. The objective of postponing the peak is "to avoid collapsing the healthcare system" and making the scientific investigations "as accurate as possible".

Arenas referred to the numbers as "catastrophic" and alerted that "every hour we do not stop workers from moving around, the number of deaths increases by the hundred". The Catalan Government has been asking Spanish president Pedro Sànchez for a total lockdown for days, and has now been joined by the Murcia government, to no avail.