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Radical plot twist. Luis Rubiales has changed his mind at the last minute and has not resigned as president of the Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). "I'm not going to resign, I'm not going to resign", this is what he announced this Friday, repeating the wods emphatically several times, during the Extraordinary General Assembly called by the organization in Las Rozas, Madrid, where he gave explanations about the kiss he gave to footballer Jennifer Hermoso, which he maintains was "euphoric, spontaneous, mutual and consensual, that this is the key, this is the key to all the criticism". In addition, Rubiales stated that "this is not about obtaining justice, it is about social assassination".


Rubiales offered explanations about the controversy over his forced kiss to Hermoso at the medla ceremony following the Spanish women's World Cup victory. "Although they are trying to sell [the incident] as something else, there is no desire and there is no position of dominance. Even if is being presented as something else in much of the media, both those that are dominated by or paying homage to [current La Liga president] Mr Tebas, and those who are paying tribute to false feminism, which is a great scourge in this country," explained Rubiales.


"A social assassination is being executed"

During his speech, Rubiales defended that he has a great relationship with all the players and all the members of the Spanish expedition to the Women's World Cup, with whom he formed "a family for more than a month". "We had very affectionate moments in this gathering," he added. "Jenni said it was an anecdote. From the anecdote, from the fact of being without importance, all these pressures begin, it moves to the silence of the player and then to a statement that I really don't quite understand. This is not trying to achieve justice, that's false, a social assassination is being executed on me, they are trying to murder me", he said.

     🔴  Jennifer Hermoso demands "exemplary measures" against Rubiales


Rubiales said that it was the footballer who lifted him off the ground: "And we almost fell over and when she put me on the ground we hugged (...) She lifted me up in her arms and brought me close to her body, and I said to her, forget about the penalty and she answered me you're a crack. And I said to her, a piquito? [a lips-to-lips peck], and she said okay. She said goodbye giving a last pat on the side and went on laughing. That is the sequence of everything." So, Rubiales insisted that "there is no desire or position of dominance, and all the people understand that too". The president of the RFEF stated that the kiss he gave to the world champion footballer is as if he had kissed his daughters, to whom he has also sent a message about feminism "I am telling the truth. It is a life lesson, if you are real feminists, not the fake feminism that is out there."