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Saturday's Catalan independence march in Madrid has been well reported in international media, partly because it is the first time a massive Catalan independence event has been held in the Spanish capital.

Here are some of the reactions:

Associated Press

The US press agency speaks of "tens of thousands of protesters" in Madrid and links the march both to the objective of Catalan independence and protests against "the trial of a dozen separatist leaders."

The New York Times

"It is the first major separatist march in the Spanish capital," says the major US daily.


"Activists and supporters of the Catalan independence movement have taken to the streets of Madrid to protest against the trial of 12 pro-independence leaders," says the Munich-based newspaper. 

The Washington Post

In an AP-sourced story, the WaPo said: "Organizers said 120,000 people attended, well beyond their expectations. Police put the number of marchers at around 18,000 and said no incidents were reported. It was not possible to reconcile the different crowd estimates."


Austrian public broadcaster ORF reported: "For the first time supporters of the Catalan independence movement protested in Madrid, the capital of Spain, to demand the release of 12 pro-independence leaders"

Al Jazeera

Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera connected live with the demonstration:


Russia's Sputnik was another international TV network that featured live coverage of the Madrid march. 

Der Standard

The Austrian newspaper says "The Paseo del Prado was immersed in the yellow-red-blue colours of the estelada, the flag of the Catalan independence movement, an unusual image in Madrid"

Canal Rotter Net

Israeli TV channel reports a "huge demonstration in Madrid in favour of the independence of Catalonia and the release of the political prisoners"

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