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The CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) is clear that the laws of disconnection will be "immediately suspended" by the TC (Constitutional Court). That is why it is demanding to disobey these suspensions. It did this in a political event this Wednesday morning in front of the Catalan Parliament, an hour before the start of the plenary of the chamber that has to approve the Law of the Referendum and of Transitional Jurisprudence.

"These laws will be suspended immediately by the Constitutional Court, but this suspension will not be an excuse to do nothing, but will have to be the engine for disobedience," assured Anna Gabriel. According to the CUP deputy, this Wednesday "not just any law is to be approved", but an "absoultely vital" law.

Gabriel has defended that, once that the law of the referendum is approved and the decree to call the 1st October vote is signed, "what would have been approved is that which gives meaning to us being in this chamber". She has considered it "a key day for the pro-independence left", because "the right to self-determination opens the door to achieve many other rights".

Besides the ten deputies of the anti-capitalist party, other personalities of the group also took part in the the event, such as the mayors of Badalona and Sabadell, Dolors Sabater and Maties Serracant, the town councillor in Vic, Joan Coma, and the spokesman of the National Secretariat, Quim Arrufat.

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