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The AUGC (Unified Association of the Civil Guard) and the SUP (Unified Union of Police) have today revealed the lack of coordination between the different police forces in the operation by the Mossos (Catalan police) that has allowed them to dismantle the group responsible for the jihadist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Both trade unions give "the blocking of access to the TEDAX (Technical Specialists in the Deactivation of Explosive Artefacts) team of the Civil Guard to the house in Alcanar after the explosion" as an example of this lack of coordination, but they also reveal that Spanish police hid very decisive information about the Ripoll imam from the Mossos.

The person allegedly responsible for the indoctrination of the young men involved in the attacks, Abdelbaki Es Satty, who died in the explosion of the chalet in Alcanar where the terrorist group were preparing explosives for the attacks, was "a disciple of one of the main suspects arrested in the National Police operation 'Chacal I' against jihadist terrorism in 2007".


According to a press statement by the AUGC and the SUP published this Wednesday, the Catalan authorities were "ignorant" of this fact, which "makes evident once again the flagrant breach of the cooperation agreements as well as the deficient operation of the communication mechanisms between the Security Forces and Corps of our country."

It happens that the mastermind behind the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks left prison in Castelló in 2014 with an order of expulsion from Spain, after serving a 4-year sentence for drug trafficking. However, he appealed and a judge granted him the right to stay. This allowed him to move around with total impunity.