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Spain's Ministry of Defence ordered this Tuesday two convoys of the Spanish Army to Catalonia, with the objective of giving logistical support to the operation of the Civil Guard and the Spanish police, who on Sunday carried out violent raids at polling stations.

According to El Confidencial, the movement is considered a routine manoeuvre. The vehicles would have left from Zaragoza last night.

Following the same sources, the military units are of the Group of Logistical Support 41 (AALOG 41), with headquarters in the Aragonese capital, and would be formed by two convoys with 20 trucks in total, to give a service of kitchen, laundry and toilet facilities, as a result of the difficulties that the Spanish police forces have found with accommodation, through the rejection by citizens in accommodating them in different towns, especially after their violent action last Sunday that caused more than 800 injuries.

The initial destination of the military force will be at the barracks of Santa Eulàlia of Sant Boi de Llobregat (Baix Llobregat).


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