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Catalan highway cuts continue. The local actions that were among the first protest responses to Monday's Supreme Court decision to convict Catalan pro-independence leaders for sedition have continued this Tuesday morning on numerous roads in the Catalan highway network. At 6am the first action began when a group of people cut the C-12 at Garcia (Ribera d'Ebre) for half an hour by burning tyres. The action began early and was then lifted early. However, others have now begun

At 7 am, the C-65 highway was cut at Cassà de la Selva (Gironès) with a timber fire set in the middle of the road. The events took place at kilometre 21, at the confluence with the C-25 highway, as reported by the Catalan Traffic Service.

Both highways and train lines have been blocked this morning in Mataró, in the Maresme coastal county near Barcelona. First, the N-II highway was blocked in both directions in front of the Mataró rail station, as the CDR Mataró protest group reported. The group began its mobilization at 7am to resume the actions initiated on Monday after the Supreme Court ruling. Later, the group cut the R1 and RG1 lines on the Barcelona suburban train network. The Mossos police arrived, surrounded the group and demanded people's IDs. The protest was called off at around 10.45am. "We continue to be mobilized," the group said in a tweet.

Since 9am, a group of about 200 students have been blocking the old C-17 road near the city of Vic in the direction of Gurb. The demonstrators were carrying banners with the slogan 'Help Catalonia'. Little by little, more people arrived to take part in the protest and queues of traffic formed in both directions.

A group of students from the Bescanó secondary school, west of the city of Girona, cut the N-141 to Bescanó, at kilometre 110, reports the Catalan Traffic Service.

The C-66 at Celrà, just north of Girona, was also cut by a protest during the morning.

About 12 noon, two more local highways, the N-260 in Olot and the C-63 at Anglès were cut. At 1pm, the C-63 reopened.

As the day progresses, more highway blockades are taking place; the latest is the C-25 "Eix Transversal" motorway, blocked for traffic in both directions near the city of Manresa.

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