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Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has reiterated in an interview with Germany's most important newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine, that tomorrow's referendum on independence will be binding.

"Of course the result will be binding. Catalonia will be very clear about this on October 1st. Today there are more people in Catalonia who want to vote than a month ago. This is not only a consequence of the campaign, but also of the Spanish state's repression. People are facing a decisive choice on whether to build a republic from the ground up or to carry on in a state which restricts their fundamental freedoms", explained Puigdemont.

Asked whether on Monday he would still hold his seat at the head of the Catalan government, Puigdemont said he had no doubt he would. "If 'Yes' wins, I will be organizing the transition to the future Republic of Catalonia as President", he said, adding that this would lead to Catalan law coming into force.

Puigdemont also clarified speculation about possible negotiations, saying they would be limited to the provisions envisaged in the Referendum Law. "After the official proclamation of the results, which can't be expected on the first or second day, the electoral law then foresees a period of 48 hours after which independence must be declared. That's the point when the negotiations start", he stressed.