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Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has described the process of passing the referendum and disconnection laws in the Catalan Parliament as anti-democratic and illegal. His comments came during a meeting of the mayors of his PP (Popular Party) held in Zaragoza. He said that he will act in accordance with his obligations and his duty: doing everything for the law to be followed. "I will do everything necessary for there to be no referendum, because it's my obligation". "The most important [job] that the Spanish people have entrusted me with is to preserve national unity," said Rajoy, who described national sovereignty as the "keystone which the nation is built on".

Interpretation of the facts

Rajoy, between applause, gave his viewpoint of recent events in Catalonia: "What has happened in Catalonia this week? The State of Law has been liquidated. The final objective is that Spain stops being Spain." Rajoy then directly attacked independence supporters: "The [pro-independence] deputies have acted recklessly. They've skipped over the rights of almost half the deputies. They've wanted to abolish national sovereignty..." Rajoy also criticised the process to approve the laws: "In 12 hours something was done that in other parliaments takes months".

It threatens with force

Rajoy said that "Spain is still a State of Law, where the law is followed" and advised that they will support the action taken by the magistrates and the public prosecutors. He boasted about the strength of the state and warned supporters of the right to decide that "they're scorning the strength of the Spanish democracy and the determination of the principal Spanish forces with the support of the immense majority of the Spanish public". Finally, he again insisted that he referendum will not take place.

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