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Several prestigious journalists and media commentators in Spain have denounced that they are undergoing persecution for their support of Catalonia's right to decide its own political future. Recognized professionals such as Antón Losada, Bea Talegón, Suso de Toro and Ramón Cotarelo have used social media to say they are "having fingers pointed at them" for offering opinions that go against the conservative unionist line:

Translation: Pointing fingers at us. What they don't say is the silence that some Spanish media are condemning us to for holding the opinions we hold. And that is the serious aspect. - Bea Talegón 

Poster: "Wanted: Alive, or not, but silenced: The Spaniards that are accomplices of the independence movement. Reward: the eternal gratitude of your country."
Tweet: "Maybe you want to make a few euros?"  - Antón Losada

Some point their fingers, others come and get you. And others don't speak up and others justify it. -Suso De Toro 

This wave of complaints, supported by comments from many Twitter users, started with an article published by Crónica Global, a digital daily linked to the newspaper El Español run by conservative Spanish newspaper editor Pedro J. Rodríguez, with the title of: "The Spaniards who are accomplices of the independence movement."

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The article attacks the "Spanish intellectuals, professors and journalists who, either deliberately or indirectly, have ended up propping up the thesis of the independence movement". It also accuses the Catalan media of "using them as a loudspeaker". The Spanish nationalist list of "turncoats" includes Galician writer Suso de Toro, retired PSOE politician Jorge Verstrynge, Madrid journalist Bea Talegón, Galician writer Anton Losada, Madrid political scientist Ramón Cotarelo and Argentinian journalist Ernesto Ekaizer.