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Junts is focusing on the office term's future, with the occasion of the general policy debate to be held on September 27th and 30th in the Parliament of Catalonia. The party will not remain idle. Its executive has tasked its ministers with finding concrete measures to effectively advance towards the separation from the Spanish state. These proposals will have to be translated into motions that will be subjected to a vote on the last day of the general policy debate.

Once the intervention of the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, is over, the parliamentary group will meet with the ministers to evaluate the intervention and conclude the proposals. Junts occupies the Catalan ministries of Territorial Policy, Economy and Finance, Health, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Universities and Research, and Social Rights. The objective is that each of these ministries contributes with proposals for the Catalan government to advance towards independence or, at least, to reduce dependence on the Spanish state.

Action plan

This task is derived from the documents approved by the party in the congress held last July, which proposed to entrust “an action plan that facilitates disconnection” to each of the ministries under their command, as well as presenting “proposals destined to culminate the process of independence” at the debate of general policy.

Junts does not hide its intention of defending its interests within the Catalan government, in open competition with ERC. With this objective in mind and after noting internal differences on the future of the coalition government, the party has conspired to close ranks around the conclusions reached in the meeting held in late August in Pals, in which they approved the claims made to ERC after the audit on the Catalan government's compliance of the government agreement. In that meeting, the party led by Laura Borràs and Jordi Turull concluded that the Catalan government has not advanced in the proposals it raised to advance the pro-independence process and demanded the concretion of three of the proposals included in the agreement: the command of the strategic direction of the pro-independence movement; the monitoring of the dialogue table's progress to know the degree of compliance with its objectives; and the coordination space in Madrid.

Junts presented its proposals last Wednesday to ERC in a meeting at the Palau de Pedralbes, where the two parties aired their differences. Pere Aragonès' intervention at the general policy debate that will begin on September 27th will decide what path the party takes. The intention is that once this event is over, a national council will be convened, where the militancy will be consulted on the future of the government pact.