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The city of Sabadell was the setting on Saturday afternoon for an act of support for the former speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, imprisoned in the penitentiary of Mas d'Enric. Hundreds of people filled the Catalan city's central Plaça Doctor Robert, where musical performances by acts such as Animal and Gemma Humet alternated with speeches that, apart from calling for the freedom of Carme Forcadell, recalled her political trajectory and her strong connection with Sabadell.

As explained by the organising entity, Free Forcadell, the objective of the initiative was "to raise a shout for the freedom of the former speaker of the Catalan Parliament and, at the same time for the release of all the prisoners, and the return of those in exile". 

The event, MCed by actors Joel Joan and Anna Sahún and communicators Sarai Sarroca and Clara Borrell, began at five in the afternoon and was scheduled to go on all evening. 

The vice president of the civil group Òmnium Cultural, Marcel Mauri, read words that the also-jailed Jordi Cuixart dedicated to the speaker from his own prison cell at Lledoners. "We won't let them steal our happiness and because of that they are so afraid of us. We feel brave and that we are not alone, and we are happy because of that. United in our subtle differences, out of smiles we create a revolt. Today in Lledoners we also shout 'Free Forcadell'", said the letter. 

Catalan National Asembly (ANC) representative Elisenda Romeu also spoke, calling on the Catalan government and the pro-independence political parties “for courage” and to “work for the country” beyond their political party lines. “Only if we all go together will we achieve our objective: working to achieve independence and construct the Catalan Republic. Our exiles deserve it, don't betray them”, she demanded. 

Gabriel Rufián, deputy in the Spanish congress for the Republican Left (ERC), spoke of "the heroism" of Forcadell during the key parliamentary session of 6th and 7th September last year, when the laws to enable the referendum were passed through the Catalan chamber. Rufián praised the work of the speaker throughout the whole independence process.

The afternoon continued with the participation of current Catalan speaker Roger Torrent, and a large number of political colleagues from all parts of the pro-independence spectrum, along with music from Gerard Quintana, Animal, Electrical Dharma, Pau Alabajos, Gemma Humet, Turkey, Mascarats, Elgio, David Vila and Sílvia Comes.