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The Turkish journalist exiled in Germany Can Dündar says that "not even in Turkey would it be acceptable for a political party to be part of the prosecution at a trial." Dündar, who took part in Saturday's political talk show FAQS on Catalonia's TV3, criticized the involvement of members of the far-right Vox party in the Catalan independence trial and labeled it as "internationally unacceptable."

The journalist, in addition, made another comparison between justice in Spain and the legal reality under the authoritarian Turkish regime. "In Turkey the judges would be seated in a position raised up higher, but the attitude would be the same: always showing themselves as tough, surly and rude", he explained.

Can Dündar was arrested in 2015 after his newspaper published images of an alleged shipment of Turkish weapons to Syria. Now he is exiled in Germany and has exchanged letters with Catalan political prisoner Jordi Cuixart.

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