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Catalonia's most left-wing pro-independence party, the CUP (Popular Unity Candidature) wants the independence block to ratify the “objectives” it asserted at the beginning of the previous Catalan legislature, on 9th November 2015, after the elections in September that year had returned a pro-independence parliamentary majority. That text, the "Declaration of the Initiation of the Process of Independence of Catalonia", laid the basis for the creation of an independent state, not submitted to the decisions of the Constitutional Court or any other institution of the Spanish state; the Declaration was however declared null by the Constitutional Court. It is foreseen that the vote on the CUP's motion will take place next week.

The motion, tabled this Monday by the left-wing party, also urges the Catalan government to “implement the content” of the ten Catalan laws that were overturned by the Constitutional Court under the previous Catalan legislature. All ten of the laws quashed by the Constitutional Court, have a social character. However, the motion does not mention the law of legal transition, also suspended by the court.


Specifically, the social legislation that was suspended included the following areas: emergency housing and energy poverty measures; measures to protect the right to housing for people at risk of residential exclusion; law of effective equality between men and women; law on climate change measures; law to ensure universal health care coverage; laws imposing taxes on large commercial establishments, on stays in tourist establishments, sugared drinks and carbon dioxide emissions; a law on digital wills, and a law on cannabis associations. The CUP motion asks for the measures proposed by all of these laws to be implemented.