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The most drastic response to combat the coronavirus pandemic has happened in states governed by women. Specifically: Angela Merkel in Germany, Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, Sophie Wilmès in Belgium, Sanna Marin in Finland, Mette Frederiksen in Denmark and Katrin Jakobsdottir in Iceland.

All these countries managed to smooth out the curve thanks to proactive decision-making. They also prepared themselves better in terms of medical material and protective equipment provided to healthcare workers and the general public. They took extreme precautions and set an example. Icelandic prime minister Katrin Jakobsdottir voluntarily self-quarantined herself after a case of coronavirus was detected at her son's school.

Denmark was the second country to declare total lockdown and is now beginning to lift its restrictions. The country has so far recorded 5,635 cases and 237 deaths, far less than its neighbour countries. Jacinda Ardern, from New Zealand’s Labour Party has described her plan as "the strictest in the world".