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Once, he supported the unity of Spain. Now, he's pro-indepe, and on Saturday, he took part in the Catalan "Self-determination is not a crime" march in Madrid and, as he himself has explained to social media, something that may seem contradictory is the result of a logical conversion.

The Twitter user uploaded two contrasting photos to his account within a very short period of time. The first, wrapped in a Spanish flag. The second, with a pro-independence estelada hung round his shoulders.

I know it could be contradictory, I know that not much time has passed between one photo and the other, I know that I've always said that in Catalonia there's no state structure,... I know... that above all... rights have been violated. Violated by a state in which I previously felt represented. — Joan Marc

The main reason for this change of mind (and flag) is that the Spanish state "has violated rights". The young man, who was born in Barcelona and always believed in the unity of Spain, felt that now was the time to stand up for something.

"Born in Barcelona, I've always wanted the unity of the state ... but now, after seeing innocent people who have to face a trial ...let me put it like this... I feel that TODAY I'm going to defend and fight for a Catalunya..."

"...that defends human rights, a Catalonia that is going to create state structures and above all for a Catalonia that I will see become a nation. I'll be criticised, insulted, and applauded, .... — Joan Marc

The man feels himself represented, as he explains in his Twitter thread, by a Catalonia which "defends human rights", "will create state structures" and which he will see "become a nation."

The user has been inundated by social media comments. Most see it as perfectly legitimate for him to change his mind.