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The Catalan town of Vilafranca del Penedès, south-west of Barcelona, is holding its Festa Major. As usual, one of the star attractions at this town's annual festival has been its castells (human towers) contest, but this year, between the dramatic construction and dismantling of the castells, someone tried to add a different image. The sole member of the municipal council from the anti-independence Ciudadanos party, Eladio García, took out a Spanish flag while he watched the human towers from the city hall balcony. None of the fellow councillors and dignitaries beside him on the balcony so much as batted an eyelid at García's gesture, but the members of the public, below in the square, booed loudly and called for him to leave. After awkwardly trying to unfurl his flag next to the pro-independence estelada flag on the balcony, García bundled it up in one hand, while also shaking a fist at the townspeople below. The video shows the moment.