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The unionist party Citizens (Cs), which won the most seats in the Catalan election on December 21st, recognizes that it will be "very complicated" to form a Catalan government, given the overall election results. Number two in the Cs candidature Carlos Carrizosa has made this admission, specifying that first it will be necessary to see if the two major pro-independence groups, Together for Catalonia (JxCat) and the Republican Left (ERC), manage to put together an accord, and, later, if they reach agreement with their third ally, the more left-wing Popular Unity Candidature (CUP). Despite this, Carrizosa assures that his party "has not thrown in the towel" on an attempt to assume the Catalan government if there is no agreement among the three pro-independence forces.

In statements to Spanish television network La Sexta, Carrizosa said that his party is now in a "wait and see" phase. Asked if he would prefer a Catalan president from JxCat or from ERC, he answered that he would prefer Cs candidate Inés Arrimadas and added that in any case, whoever becomes president, the key aspect is that they have to "respect the law". In this regard, he commented that neither the "fugitive" Carles Puigdemont nor Oriol Junqueras "seem very willing" to do so.

The Cs number two went on to say that Puigdemont "does not seem to be the best example of respect for the law" while in the case of Junqueras, the justice system "has said that there is a risk of him reoffending". "Neither of them offer much of a guarantee of respect for the law", he summed up. Overall, the investiture of a Catalan president looks "complicated" due to the composition of the Parliament resulting from the Catalan election.

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