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The brand new signing for the Catalan Republican Left (ERC) for the European elections in June, Tomàs Molina, appeared at a press conference this Tuesday to explain his jump from being one of the best known TV meteorologists in Catalonia to taking the number two spot on the ERC candidacy to the European Parliament. As he explained, accompanied by party leader Oriol Junqueras and the number one on ERC's European list Diana Riba, his decision is motivated by the fight against climate change and his intention to provide common sense: "When I am asked why I have taken this decision it is because I firmly believe that it is necessary do something and you need commitment," he summarized.

Tomas Molina ERC europees irene vila capafons
Tomàs Molina during the press conference / Photo: Irene Vilà Capafons

As he himself detailed, he will continue to work at Catalan public television, but will not present the weather on TV3 again in the coming months. Despite being number two in the party's list, he will be number four on the lists of Ara Repúbliques ("Republics Now"), the coalition with other pro-independence and sovereignist forces from around the Spanish state, behind the candidates of the Basque party EH Bildu and the BNG of Galicia: "I think we can achieve four seats. Whether I get in or not is not very important to me either," said the popular TV presenter. In the 2019 elections, which coincided with the municipal elections, this coalition obtained three representatives.

Fighting climate change and offering common sense, Molina's goals

"It is essential that we adapt to climate change. This is not an opinion or a question, but an imperative need. I was feeling that it was not being done well enough and I said to myself: "Molina, you have to get involved", he explained during the press conference, adding that he will also try to offer "the common sense of a classic weatherman": "We are people who look to the future and when you see the future you can prepare for it. This is what prompts me to come forward." Molina also focused on the need to "offer common sense" and talk to everyone to "work as a team in this country, be better and make things better".

Both ERC president Junqueras, and the head of the Ara Repúbliques list, current MEP Diana Riba, were enthusiastic about Molina's inclusion in the lists for the European elections. "It is an honour to be able to include among our representatives a person with the prestige of Tomàs Molina, built up over many years, in the university and media fields. We want to put him at the service of our country in an area as important as the European Parliament where we are sure he will be able to do a great job," Junqueras asserted. Riba spoke on similar lines and was optimistic about the elections on June 9th, recalling the growth in electoral results obtained by the two parties accompanying ERC, the BNG and EH Bildu.

"Those protesting farmers were right" 

In a video on X this Sunday, Tomàs Molina announced his decision to "take the step into politics" with ERC in the European Parliament election on June 9th. "Because we need to fight climate change. All those farmers that you saw protesting on the highways were right in what they were demanding." Molina asserted that things have to be done better and that he would "try to help".

"So first of all, we have to fight against climate change. We have to listen to everyone", he insisted. And linked to this, the TV3 meteorologist was also very forceful about a second need in society: the need for a fairer distribution of wealth: "It is not normal that there are so many ultra-mega-rich," he said, also mentioning other aspects of the problem. "Tourism... so many airplanes... if we pay for the pollution we cause with our cars, planes also pollute". He mentioned the need for "cities that are safer and better to live in" and the need to fight against drought "before it starts". He also put a new twist on an old theme: "Rather than by taking Catalonia to Europe, I undertake to bring Europe to Catalonia" - said the weatherman - in the sense of working for responses in the EU and then "personally" delivering them to Catalans. "We'll see how the election turns out - but you can be sure of one thing: my commitment," he promised.