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The Catalan independence process has a large-as-life presence in the new European tour that legendary rock group U2 began on Friday. The Irish band had already announced that their new tour would be dedicated to celebrating European values ​​such as democracy, freedom and the return of power to the people. With this background, U2 have used images of some of Catalonia's pro-independence demonstrations - among the largest ever held in Europe - to illustrate their concept.

Right at the start of the concert, the band projects a video showing key moments that have marked turning points in the history of humanity: World War II, US civil rights, anti-violence movements, the struggle for LGTBI rights - and among these images is a video of a Catalan pro-independence demonstration. "It is the way of human progress," says the video. "The hate of men will pass. Dictators die. Power returns to the people. You have the power." At that point, images of a huge Catalan independence rally appear. "Let us all unite to fight for a new world," the video then continues.

(El procés català irromp en el segon 21)

In an article in the German daily Frankfurter Allgemine before the start of the tour, lead vocalist Bono announced that the tour would be based on the defence of these democratic European values. In fact, Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez published a tweet, celebrating U2's support for these values. 

Translation: "Belonging to Europe enabled us to become a better, more confident version of ourselves. Europe is a thought that needs to become a feeling." Great reflection from Bono. And great move by U2 taking the lead in support of European values. — Pedro Sánchez 

The tour began on Friday in Berlin and will criss-cross Europe playing most of the capital cities, and ending with four nights in Dublin in the second week of October.

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