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Representatives of the pro-independence parties ERC, Junts and the CUP along with the left-wing Comuns responded to the call by Òmnium Cultural to protest against the investigation based on terrorism allegations of the Democratic Tsunami protest platform being conducted by a National Audience judge, which has suddenly brought exiled Catalan president Carles Puigdemont into the case as well as ERC general secretary Marta Rovira, among others. The rally took place in front of the Catalan High Court (TSJC) under the slogan "Protesting is not terrorism". In addition to the parties, the several pro-human rights organizations such as IRÍDIA and the Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights were present.

Present at the rally were Catalan MPs Raquel Sans (ERC), Josep Rius (Junts), Dolors Sabater, Carles Riera and Dani Cornellà (CUP) and David Cid and Susanna Segovia (Comuns), along with ex-Congressional deputy for the Comuns, Jaume Asens. The former Comuns representative spoke at the event, denouncing the bringing of terrorism cases against several pro-independence leaders: "The judicial escalation has a very clear objective: judicialize politics, destabilize negotiations, prevent an investiture agreement, and it follows a script that we already know used by the PP and Vox".

Òmnium, against the National Audience investigation

Xavier Antich, president of the pro-independence civil group Òmnium Cultural affirmed that the investigation by judge Manuel García Castellón aims to "sabotage the amnesty". "The investigation has a clear political motivation. It has been mounted in a hurry to sabotage the amnesty," Antich denounced. Before the start of the rally, in statements to Catalan television, the Òmnium president stated that the proposed amnesty for Catalan independence process prosecutions is a "self-amendment" by the Spanish state, and the recognition that the state "has gone too far". "It's taking the debate out of the courts and returning it to politics," he remarked and added: "Òmnium will continue to defend fundamental rights and democracy."

Foto d'Omnium en defensa del Tsunami Democràtic al TSJC  / Carlos Baglietto

Rally called by Òmnium Cultural in defence of the Democratic Tsunami at the TSJC / Photo: Carlos Baglietto

In addition, Antich defended that this Tuesday's rally aims to say clearly and forcefully that protesting is not an act of terrorism. "The new court resolution demonstrates the inventive capacity of the judge, which exceeds all the limits of a democratic system", asserted the Òmnium president.

Annoyance in the ANC

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) expressed its regret through social media that Òmnium did not invite them to the event. "From the Assembly we have denounced and condemned the persecution for terrorism as in the case of the Democratic Tsunami and we would like to have expressed this by attending the "unitary" event called by Òmnium today. Surprisingly, however, we were not invited," the ANC stated in a post on social media X.