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A range of media around the European continent, and beyond, have reported the news that Catalan political prisoner Jordi Turull has been shifted to the hospital unit at Lledoners prison after 14 days of his hunger strike.

French daily 20 Minutes relayed this new development on Friday, also noting that the prosecutors have demanded long prison sentences penalties for the Catalan politician.

L'Indépendant, a French language newspaper published in Northern Catalonia which usually follows Catalan news closely, also picked up the story of Turull's admission to the infirmary. It explains that the political prisoners accuse Spain's Constitutional Court of blocking the progress of their appeals in order to prevent them from taking the case to European justice.

In Belgium, the news was reported by Flemish newspaper De Standaard, which reports that the Catalan politicians have been in jail for more than a year and the Spanish judicial system is preventing them from appealing to the European Court of Human Rights.

In Portugal, the newspaper Público has covered the news, and has quoted the tweet by the president of the Catalan Medical Association, Jaume Padrós, saying that "although Turull's condition is stable, the time that has elapsed and his individual condition made the transfer to prison hospital advisable". At the end of the article, Publico journalist Andreia Friaças also notes that Spain's Supreme Court, concerned about the hunger strike, could transfer the prisoners to Madrid.

Russian news agency Sputnik also includes the tweet by Padrós, explaining that Catalan president Carles Puigdemont had to leave Spain to avoid the judicial process and also recalling that Spanish justice is demanding severe penalties for the pro-independence politicians.

Meanwhile, the US-based Associated Press shares the news of Turull's admission to the prison infirmary by referring to an interview the agency conducted with him and fellow political prisoner, Jordi Sànchez: