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Former Catalan minister Jordi Turull has been moved this Friday to the hospital wing of Lledoners prison, the president of the College of Doctors of Barcelona, Jaume Padrós, has announced in a tweet.

Turull started a hunger strike on 1st December alongside fellow pro-independence leader Jordi Sànchez, two weeks ago. Both have spent months in pretrial detention over their roles in last year's independence referendum. They started the strike in protest of what they claim are delays by the Constitutional Court in hearing their appeals, preventing them from turning to Europe.

Translation: Tonight it will be two weeks since Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull started their hunger strike. Despite remaining stable, the time which has passed and his individual situation make it advisable that Jordi Turull should now be moved to the infirmary in Lledoners prison.

When they started the hunger strike, later joined by Josep Rull and Joaquim Forn, the prison's doctors enacted internal protocols to monitor their condition. They have regular checks of their weight, blood pressure, and other blood values. They also created a monitoring commission including ethics, legal and medical experts.