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After the Spanish government decreed Spain’s total lockdown, the chief of the Catalan cabinet, Meritxell Budó, urged Pedro Sánchez to ensure that "no family is left without income" due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that he must now help companies, workers and the self-employed for the productive sector to survive.

"With this total lockdown we know what enterprises contribute, what workers contribute, but we do not yet know what the Spanish government contribution is,” she lamented. "We focus on the fact that families' resources must be guaranteed. And, in this sense, paid leave guarantees an income. We must ensure that no family is left without income," he said.

According to Budó, it is now the state that must go into debt. She has also called for powers in the health and security areas to be returned to the Catalan government, since centralisation has not worked.

The Catalan government minister thanked Sánchez for finally accepting president Quim Torra's proposal to declare a total lockdown. "We are grateful that they have finally decided to apply this measure, and we of course support it. It is not a question of awarding medals or claiming the merit for oneself. We welcome the fact that the Spanish government has taken the measure of total lockdown," she reiterated.

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