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Once again, MPs from Catalan, Basque and Galician political parties have demanded that the Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez and his deputy Carmen Calvo appear before parliament to explain the flight from Spain of former king Juan Carlos l. They accuse Sánchez and Calvo of taking part in a "cover-up operation" to maintain the privileges of the monarchy - which they describe as an "opaque, corrupt and undemocratic" institution. All three Catalan pro-independence parties - ERC, JxCat, and the CUP - took part in the initiative, along with Basque independence group EH Bildu and Galician nationalists BNG.  

"@caroltelechea announces that @Esquerra_ERC is once again demanding appearances by Sánchez and Calvo on the flight of Juan Carlos de Borbón: "They will find us facing them to put an end to this impunity."— Esquerra Republicana ​

"The pro-independence parties in the Congress of Deputies denounce that the Spanish government is refusing to give explanations about the flight of the Borbón and we again demand the appearance of Carmen Calvo and Pedro Sánchez to give explanations about their role."—CUP Països Catalans

This request had previously been vetoed by the Congress's procedural Bureau which ruled, based on the advice of parliamentary legal counsel, that the Spanish royal family is “a matter beyond” the parliamentary control of the Spanish government. The pro-independence groups also criticized the attitude of the government's junior coalition partner, Unidas Podemos, declaring that its attitude means the royal palace "does not need monarchists" and that it is propping up the "regime of '78".

"We denounce that the Spanish government is refusing to give explanations, with the connivance of Congress, on the flight of Juan Carlos de Borbón and we ask Sánchez and Calvo to appear in an extraordinary plenary session of parliament. A petition made jointly with @Esquerra_ERC, @JuntsXCat, @CUPnacional and @BNGcongreso." - Mertxe Aizpurua (EH Bildu)

"Another request was presented to Congress today, by @obloque along with @Esquerra_ERC, @ehbildu, @JuntsXCat and @cupnacional, for Pedro Sánchez and Carmen Calvo to appear in a plenary session to give an account of the Government's collaboration in the Borbón escape."—Néstor Rego (BNG) 

In a joint press conference, ERC deputy Carolina Telechea demanded the appearances of Sánchez and Calvo in a special parliamentary debate on the matter which the five parties assert is "urgent" so that the public receives an explanation about the departure from Spain of king emeritus Juan Carlos over three weeks ago - the period for which the Spanish government has maintained its "silence."

Telechea argued that the parliamentary Bureau can no longer claim that this is a matter "beyond" the government, as it is a "cover-up operation" in which the Spanish executive has taken part to "hide the shame" of the monarchy. "We have called for transparency and we are faced with opacity," Telechea commented, criticizing the "closure of ranks" of the "78 regime", with Pedro Sánchez's PSOE at the helm, to maintain "the privileges of an opaque, corrupt and undemocratic institution."

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