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The Catalangate scandal has - according to the president in exile, Carles Puigdemont - not only shown up the weaknesses of Spain, but also of a political system that is "incompetent or accomplice" and has been unable to address the reforms it requires, which would be "opening up the hood of this vehicle and replacing everything". During his participation on the Youtube channel La Base run by former Spanish deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias, the exiled politician characterized Spanish democracy as suffering from a mala salut de ferro - "robustly poor health" - a chronic state that, as he sees it, has no possibility of changing.

To illustrate these affirmations, he gave the example of the situation of the Spanish monarchy, "corrupt and with a character typical of underdeveloped countries", but nevertheless, with the ability to maintain popular support in much of Spain, according to surveys. "It just doesn't matter [to people]," said Puigdemont, who believes that the vast majority of Spaniards do not view corruption in the Spanish royal house with any concern.

The pro-independence leader stressed his skepticism despite the commitment shown by programme host Pablo Iglesias to the need for an alliance among democrats to overcome deficits in the functioning of the rule of law in Spain. "All such alliances during the last 40 years have failed in their attempt to democratize the deep structures of the Spanish state," warned the exiled Catalan politician, specifically pointing to the judiciary, police forces and the defence apparatus.

"I don't see this as feasible, because that's what Spain is, and all the rest is like a set decoration, a decoration that is sometimes even counterproductive because it whitewashes behaviour that is inappropriate for a democratic state. But since it looks like a democratic state, it is less attackable," he said.

Media "spokespeople"

Among the symptoms which he cites in his diagnosis of a corrupt system "whose supports are permanently rotten", Puigdemont points out the behaviour of many media which, by publishing leaked material​ - usually from official sources - or through their silences, act as "spokespeople" for the state apparatus and as buttresses for the structure.

During his participation on the channel, where ERC leader Oriol Junqueras and EH Bildu general coordinator Arnaldo Otegi were also interviewed, Puigdemont recalled that those affected by the Pegasus mobile phone hacking have announced that they will lay legal complaints not only in Spain but also in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg, location of one of the subsidiary companies of NSO, company responsible for this spyware system.