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The suspended speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Laura Borràs, spoke out this Thursday about the situation of "defencelessness" that she claims has been generated by the Bureau's decision to suspend her from the rights and duties of the parliamentary position she holds, a decision that today it ratified, not even admitting the request for a reconsideration of the decision. In a message shared with her followers on Twitter, the president of Junts was strongly critical of the parties that once again supported her suspension with their votes: Junt's partner in government ERC, the Socialists of the PSC, and the other pro-independence party, the CUP. On Twitter, Borràs asserted that, while these parliamentary groups justified the suspension with the argument  of "preserving the prestige of the institution" of Parliament - what they had achieved was just the opposite. In her message, the Junts leader also gave the view that the UN Human Rights Committee opinion made public yesterday, recognizing the injustice of the stripping of MP status from members of the Catalan government after the October 1st referendum, should serve as an example. Nevertheless, Borràs was optimistic and vowed to determined to complete "the work we have pending".

"Cutting into rights"

In her first tweet reacting to the parliamentary Bureau's veto of a reconsideration of her suspension, Borràs pointed out that "those who call for the preservation of their prestige [that of Parliament], instead of setting an example in the defence of rights, are leading the way in cutting into them", alluding to the parliamentary parties that voted against her and those who called for her resignation using this same argument, as was the case of the PSC and the former speaker of the house, Carme Forcadell. Borràs asserted that the decision to suspend her was taken "to protect themselves", something that, in her opinion, has ended up generating "defencelessness" within the institution.

"We'll do it!"

For the suspended speaker, the decision taken today by the Bureau highlights, in a more general way, "the magnitude of democratic destruction through fear or complicity" that is wreaking havoc in the independence movement. However, Borràs concluded her message in an optimistic tone. Despite the problems that have come to light as a result of her case, it is precisely the evidence of "the work we have still pending" that energises her "to do it". "We'll do it!", she culminated the Twitter thread.