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The president of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, today summoned the members of the Parliament's Board to its first ordinary meeting of the session, which will take place on Wednesday 16th August at 10am. The agenda for the meeting on the 16th will not include starting the formal consideration of the proposed law for the Referendum that JuntsPelSí (Together for Yes) and the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy) registered on 31 July. 

With this meeting, the fifth session since the 2015 election will begin. It will be the first session during which the newly edited article 77.1 of the regulations will apply, included in the reform of the regulations approved by the chamber's plenary assembly on 26th July.

According to this article, "The Parliament meets annually in two ordinary sessions, from 16th August to 31st December and from 15th January to 31st July". Previously, the session after the August holiday started on 1st September.

Since the opening of the eleventh legislature in October 2015, the Board has met 105 times (12 meetings between October and December 2015, 57 meetings in 2016 and 36 meetings from January to July this year). For the new session that starts next week and finishes in December, the Board and the Spokespeople Committee have set a calendar of 7 plenary meetings, the first on 6th and 7th September.

On the other hand, the first commission to meet will be the Research Commission about Operation Catalonia, for 28th and 29th August. Also scheduled for 31st August is the report on the ports and transport in maritime and continental waters bill.

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