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Hendrik Bogaert, a Christian Democrat MP in the Belgian Parliament, has called on the EU to intervene in the Catalan case, because the existence of political prisoners in Europe is "not acceptable" in his view. Bogaert retweets a list showing that the pro-independence leaders imprisoned by Spain have been behind bars for between 281 and 438 days, and the Belgian politician's crystal-clear response is: "EU intervene!" 

And to those in the EU and international community who excuse themselves from taking action on the Catalan issue by saying it's an "internal affair" of Spain, Bogaert has a response based on a sense of being European: "It's not about the internal affairs of a single country, but the internal affairs of the whole of Europe and of all Europeans."

Moreover, he underlines that the existence of political prisoners anywhere in the world is unacceptable, but it is especially shameful in Europe which prides itself on its "modern values".