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A large group of protesters has burst through the padlocks closing Barcelona's Ciutadella park, making for the Catalan Parliament. The park was closed to the public as a security measure for the extraordinary debate this afternoon in support of president Quim Torra in response to the Central Electoral Commission's decision which would remove him from office.

The demonstration, organised by ANC, was planned for half past four in passeig Lluís Companys, from where protesters moved towards the park. Once inside, the large police presence and further barriers in front of the building stopped them getting all the way to the Parliament's doors and the rally continued without further incidents.

Chants could be heard in support of Torra and the political prisoners, but also against the pro-independence parties for their lack of progress towards their goal.

Not far from the city centre, Ciutadella is one of Barcelona's oldest and most popular green spaces. Housing the Catalan Parliament and the city zoo, it is named for the fortress (literally, "citadel") that once stood on the site.