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There's just over two weeks to go to El Clásico, the Barça-Madrid match that's one of the most keenly anticipated in the Spanish football calendar, and Catalan protest platform Tsunami Democràtic is moving ahead with its plans.

The match was originally scheduled for October, but postponed over fears it would be disrupted by the protests in Catalonia following the Supreme Court's sentencing of pro-independence leaders. Today, Tsunami has said that "there are already lots of people signed up for the 18th December demonstration".

Organisers also told supporters: "Remember that you can confirm your attendance via our app. Those of you who have tickets for the match, write us a message once you've confirmed your attendance."

Tsunami has so far not announced specific details of their plans, saying simply they plan on "making clear, in the stands and on the field, the exceptional situation the country is going through". They have dispelled suggestions they plan to display a banner during the match, but have neither confirmed nor denied speculation they are planning to try and prevent the match from going ahead.