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The president of Catalonia, Quim Torra, has sent a letter to Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska asking him to intervene and "bring an end to the escalating violence" in Catalonia from "violent groups" and to "clarify responsibilities". Torra says he's writing to the minister after the "silence" of the Spanish government's delegate to Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera.

The president sent Cunillera a similar letter on 9th August asking for disciplinary measures to be brought over incidents which have involved members of Spain's National Police and Civil Guard. Now, in his letter to Grande-Marlaska, Torra notes the latest incident: a group of 14 people identified by Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police) removing yellow loops in Ribera d'Ebre, saying that it "seems confirmed" the participation of a civil guard officer in these "armed and organised groups".

Carta Torra a Marlaska

"We would like to formally inform you of our concern for the events which are taking place in Catalonia", writes Torra to open the letter.

The president attaches a copy of the letter he sent on 9th August to Cunillera asking what disciplinary measures were planned following the insults parliamentary deputies Jenn Díaz and Josep Maria Jové reported they received from a member of the Spanish National Police Corps and the attack on photojournalist Jordi Borràs by another officer of the same force.

In the face of the "silence" from the Spanish government's delegate to Catalonia, Torra says he sees himself obliged to turn to the minister.

Violent groups


Torra asks to be informed "urgently" of any necessary disciplinary measures to be taken, without prejudicing them. The president cites legislation he believes relevant to the case on "the ostentation or usage of weapons without justified cause", likewise use of weapons "infringing the principles and norms which regulate their usage".


The laws cited also legislate on "organising or actively participating in political or union meetings or demonstrations, as well as organising, taking part in or attending demonstrations or political, union or protest meetings bearing arms, wearing regulation uniform or making use of one's condition as a civil guard officer".

Torra ends the letter saying he is at the minister's disposition to provide any information required to clarify the situation and that "it's urgent to bring an end to the escalating violence in Catalonia on the part of violent groups, and determine responsibilities".