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Swiss public broadcaster RTS has reported on the journey that Txell Bonet has to make to visit her husband, president of pro-independence organisation Òmnium Cultural Jordi Cuixart, in Soto del Real prison. 650 kilometres (400 miles) one way. They follow Bonet from her house, before she leaves with her one-year-old son for the train, to the prison and include comments from her and a representative of Amnesty International.

"She is the wife of someone who, in Catalonia, is called a political prisoner. Her husband, Jordi Cuixart, has now been in prison for 6 months. Txell, his spouse, is a journalist and has to look after their child by herself. Today, she's travelling to the prison near Madrid... Going to visit him means a 650km journey," they report. They add that the families of the prisoners receive donations from the public to help them with the journey.

The report also includes an interview with Amnesty International's director for Spain, Esteban Beltran, who says that the detentions are "completely unacceptable". "They might have committed some minor crime of disturbing public order... but that doesn't justify keeping them in detention or accusing them of rebellion," he says.

The report ends by recalling a German court's decision to reject extraditing Carles Puigdemont to Spain on the charge of rebellion, something which they say could act as a reference in the other legal proceedings underway around Europe.