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"It is scandalous that Spanish services have spied on Swiss officials, it is unacceptable.This was explained by the socialist deputy of the Swiss canton of Jura, Pierre-André Comte, in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio. "The federal government is waiting to get information. We will denounce these practices in Switzerland."

Comte took the opportunity to make it clear that "our solidarity with the Catalan people dates from a long time ago and we will not be impressed by the Spanish information services." Thus, he stated that "we will ask that this case is investigated further and that our rights be guaranteed."

However, he stated that he has not received "pressures from Spain. I had an interview with Carles Puigdemont which reaffirmed my friendship with Catalonia." In addition, he also explained that he has asked his parliament that "the president of the Catalan parliament can come to explain the situation in Catalonia."

Concerning the general secretary of the ERC, Marta Rovira, and the former deputy of the CUP, Anna Gabriel, he explained that "they can count on the international protection of Switzerland." "I asked the parliament if they could welcome Catalan militants with problems in their country and they responded positively," he said.

On the other hand, on Josep Borrell, acting foreign minister, as possible possible head of European diplomacy, he has only dared to say that he expects "to respect the laws and freedom of Switzerland."