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Far-right Spanish party Vox is expected to win its first seats in the European Parliament this May. According to a survey carried out by newspaper El Español, they will get 13% of the vote and 8 seats in May's election. PSOE, meanwhile, would win for the first time in 15 years, with 22.1% of the vote and 14 seats.

According to the online paper's results, PP would get 18.5% of the vote and 11 seats. Cs would get the same number of seats too for their 18.2%, whilst Podemos would get 15.6% and 10 seats.

Compared with the last European Parliament election in 2014, this would see PSOE retain the same number of MEPs, but they would benefit from the division of the right: PP is set to drop from its 16 last time, losing seats to Vox and Cs. Cs, on the other hand, will cash in on their growth to national prominence, having got only 3.2% of the vote last time.

In 2014, Vox stood for the European Parliament with a candidacy headed by Aleix Vidal Quadras, but fell 1,500 votes short of gaining a seat. El Español predicts they would join the ENF group which also includes Marine Le Pen's National Rally and Matteo Salvini's Northern League.

As for the pro-independence parties, the possible coalition between Catalonia's ERC, the Basque region's EH Bildu and Galicia's BNG would get 5.2% and 3 seats.

In May's election, Spain will have 59 seats up for grabs, as opposed to 54 last time, under the redistribution assuming that the UK goes ahead with its plans to leave the EU.