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The investigating judge leading Spain's Supreme Court case against the Catalan pro-independence leaders, Pablo Llarena, has confirmed that he will request the European Parliament to waive the immunity of the MEPs Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comín.

Judge Llarena thus maintains the intention to suspend the parliamentary protection which the two pro-independence politicians possess, and then to communicate to Belgian judicial authorities and the European Parliament that the two men are subject to European arrest warrants.

Llarena states in the decision that the European Parliament will be notified that the warrants against Puigdemont and Comín will be maintained, as well as the demand for their arrest and imprisonment. The judge says that nothing has changed since the accusations were made against the two exiled Catalan leaders and therefore the same argument is presented with no new evidence.

The decision coincides with a petition elevated by a Girona judge to the Supreme Court asking for the former Catalan president to be investigated for alleged corruption crimes when he was mayor of Girona.