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Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, great-grandson of both Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and king Alfonso XIII, and pretender to the throne of France, will be the new president of the board of the National Francisco Franco Foundation, filling the vacancy left by the death of his grandmother, Carmen Franco, in December 2017 at the age of 91. Through Alfonso XIII, he is second cousin of the current Spanish king, Felipe VI.

Louis Alphonse, child of Alphonse de Bourbon, a cousin of Juan Carlos I who died in 1989, and Carmen Martínez Bordiu, granddaughter of Francisco Franco, has been very clear in recent days of his opposition to plans to exhume the caudillo and move his body. Now he heads an organisation which was created to "spread the memory and work" of the fascist dictator.

According to El Independiente, his nomination was confirmed on 1st March, but he won't act as president until there's been a year of mourning for the death of his predecessor.

The new president of the Franco Foundation, a direct relative of the current Spanish monarch, was present at the far-right demonstration on 15th July at the Valle de los Caídos (Valley of the Fallen) opposing the transfer of Franco's remains. Hundreds of people gave fascist salutes, waved flags of the Falange, Franco's party, sang Cara al sol, its anthem, and shouted "Viva Franco".

Pretender to the French throne

The Duke of Anjou, as he styles himself, is the Legitimist candidate to the French throne. In the improbable case of a Bourbon restoration in France, he would reign as Louis XX.