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The Spanish government strongly denies that foreign minister Josep Borrell has spied on the delegates of the Catalan government abroad. The spokeswoman Isabel Celaá said this Friday that the government had done ”nothing objectionable". She said, along the lines of Borrell’s own statements, that "there are no Catalan embassies or espionage".

She was also asked about the documentation that the Spanish ministry sent to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to demand the precautionary closure of Catalan government delegations in London, Geneva and Berlin -which would evidence espionage from Borrell’s ministry to delegates' private correspondence. "There has been absolutely nothing done by the Spanish government that is objectionable" she reiterated, and said that the ministry "has exercised its competences”. In this sense, she underlined that "foreign affairs is an exclusive competence of the State".

Asked about the opening of an oral judgment against Catalan President Quim Torra for the yellow ribbons on the facade of the Catalan government Palace (Palau de la Generalitat), Celaá stated that "there is a presumed act of disobedience as a result of which the TSJC initiated proceedings.” She also added "We are waiting for the court to speak."