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"This is not an issue we are dealing with". In this way, the Spanish government has dismissed the information revealed by Público about the links between the CNI and Imam de Ripoll -brain of the 17 August 2017 terrorist attacks in Catalonia. After the Cabinet meeting this Friday, the acting spokeswoman Isabel Celaá avoided any kind of evaluation. For the executive of Pedro Sánchez, the question has already been substantiated.

"This question was already articulated even in the Congress itself, where the director of the CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán, appeared in March 2018 in the Official Secrets Committee to give explanations and information about it,"Celaá replied. After that, she added, "everything else the government can contribute to, we will, but this is not an issue we are dealing with". She recalled that the Spanish government always collaborates "with judicial and police authorities" when more information is requested.

This week Público revealed both, that Abdelbaki Satty was confident the CNI until the day of the attacks, where he died in the house from where the cell was operating in Alcanar, and that Spanish intelligence had intercepted the conversations between the young terrorists.