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The Spanish interior ministry, headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska, is preparing a special police operation for deployment in Catalonia during the trial over last year's Catalan independence referendum, according to RAC1. Pedro Sánchez's government believes that the months proceedings will last for at the Supreme Court could see moments of tension in the streets, they report.

Grande-Marlaska is putting together a plan to strengthen security in the streets of Catalonia, whilst trusting the work carried out by the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police). Ministry sources told the broadcaster that "a tense atmosphere is expected" and that, as such, "there will be surveillance and more units in Catalonia to guarantee security, both in the streets and at official buildings". This deployment will work in coordination with the Mossos; the ministry highlighted the good synchrony that exists between the different police forces.

Another topic under consideration in the ministry is the transfer of the political prisoners: during the trial, they'll have to go back to Madrid prisons, closer to the court.

Also thinking about the trial, RAC1 says the the Supreme Court is looking to adapt its existing facilities to have capacity for all the professionals and journalists who will attend the trial, expected to last two to three months.