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Spain's foreign affairs minister Josep Borrell has tried to belittle Catalan president Quim Torra's trip to the US, but online commenters are having none of it.

"Torra's trip to the United States has been unfruitful for his ambitions. The limited splash he's made and the little receptiveness of US authorities only reflect one thing: that lies often have a short shelf-life," the minister wrote on Twitter.

Many commenters attacked the minister over his unionist bias.

Translation: Have a look at this which you missed... 

You've got little work when you've got to waste time disparaging unimportant things... Or not...? 

And with the meetings with four members of Congress, can it also be said that the trip has been unfruitful? I confirm: your lies often have a very short shelf-life. 

If he'd let out that thing about the "Indians", that would have made a splash. He just doesn't know to attract attention!

On the other hand, your prime minister packs the European Parliament up to the flag, no? 

Whatever you say. By the way, when will they give you your Ciudadanos membership card?

Others brought up the shaky English of Spain's consul in San Francisco.

Lucky that the consul in San Francisco, suitably guided, left the Spanish ensign flying high.

As short a shelf-life as the limited English of your diplomats. 

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