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Societat Civil Catalana (SCC) has today announced the creation of the platform Societat Civil Europea (European Civil Society) to raise the international profile of their view of the Catalan independence process, the idea that there is a disagreement between Catalans and not between Catalans and the rest of Spain.

The body's president, José Rosiñol, explained in a statement that "the involvement of Europe is essential for the resolution of the conflict there is in Catalonia". "This initiative responds to the analysis which links the separatist challenge in Catalonia with the wave of populism and nationalism sweeping Europe, populism which takes different forms in every country but with the same or very similar ideological-political basis," they say. SCC says they are looking for "a European response to a European problem".

The announcement comes during a tour Rosiñol and SCC's vice-president, Miriam Tey, which started this morning in Luxembourg, from where they will travel to Brussels this afternoon before going on to London on Thursday and Edinburgh on Friday.

With the trip, SCC is looking for "involvement to help achieve the association's objectives", which include "promoting coexistence and harmony between Catalans and creating spaces for dialogue to reach agreements with the condition that they respect the [Spanish] Constitution, Catalonia's Statute [of Autonomy] and the whole legal framework".